General Terms


The lexical meaning of extremity is limb. There are four extremities in our body as the legs and arms.


Repairing and refreshing of the impaired and damaged structure. The surgical meaning is to provide the functioning of an impaired extremity using proper methods.


The imaging of the joints in our body through a video camera and performing surgical procedure when required. The most frequent arthroscopy regions are shoulder, knee, hip and ankle joints. All procedures are performed through 2 or 3 portals in 1 cm diameter on the joint.


Repairment of  the impaired joint using various methods(e.g. freezing, resection, prosthesis). The most proper method is selected with regards to the patients age and the disease.

Hip dislocation (Developmental hip dysplasia)

Hip joint is not in normal place in birth or dislocates in the following period. The term ‘developmental hip dysplasia’ has been used in recent years instead of hip dislocation.

Club foot(Pes equinovarus)

The shape defects on foot in birth and rarely due to various problems after birth. The sole is generally introverted and in upper position and the heel is in upside.


The shape defects in one or multiple plane in complete or partial region of the extremity.


Lengthening a short bone with 1mm/day calculations using Ilizarov methods in surgery. Generally, the treatment period is calculated as 1.5 months/cm


The height below 1.45 m in girls and 1.5 m in boys is considered as dwarfism. Most cases develop due to genetic, endocrine and metabolic diseases. 10-15 cm lengthening may be enabled by performing 2-3 surgeries using Ilizarov method in patients who are physically and psychologically cooperative.

Sports injuries

The injuries develop when excessive and hard exercises are done without warm-up exercises. The injuries may also develop during performing basic exercises as well as during the professional sports. There is an increase in the incidence of sports injuries as the sports activities have been more popular in our population.