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Arthroscopy is rooted from the Latin language, arthrosis(joint) and scopy(examination). In other words, arthroscopy means ‘examination of the joint’.

Arthroscopy is an optical system and enables the examination of joint with a video camera at the end of the system. The structure within the joint can be examined in details because the device enables the magnifying of the images to 6-10 folds. The images can be video taped and photo images can be taken.

SURGERY Arthroscopy may be performed by only numbing the leg or lower part down the waist or under anesthesia The period of surgery is between 30 to 60 minutes depending on the severity of the problem on the knee.

Two incisions in 0.5 cm diameter are made (3 incisions may be required in some procedures). A device called arthroscope, which is connected to video tape and enables to examine the joint, is inserted through one cut. Physiologic saline is sent through the device to irrigate the knee and enable to catch clear images. The second cut is used for inserting the operational devices which will enable the physicians to diagnose the defects and treat them. This cut is also used for the drainage of the fluids after the procedure.

The devices are removed out of the joint after the surgery is completed, and the cuts are closed with one suture on each incision


  • In treatment of meniscus ruptures
  • Removal of the joint arthritis in early period
  • Removal of free bone and cartilage parts in the joint
  • Injuries of anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments
  • Infection and edema on knee
  • Problems of the kneepan
  • Treatment of the joint cartilage damage
  • Treatment of the intraarticular fractures
  • Treatment of the scapular(shoulder) diseases
  • Treatment of the elbow diseases